At Star Denim, We are steadfast in our mission to produce superior quality garments and hold ourselves to a high standard of achievement. We take pride in being the resource our customers turn to for their garments needs and we always provide the best possible service. Our team thoroughly inspects the products at each stage of production. You can accept nothing less than the best from Star Denim. Apart from keeping the strict quality checks, we ensure that the products will undergo testing as per international standards. We always strive to meet the needs and specifications of our buyers and the global market.


To prevent the use of faulty fabrics, trims and accessories, we have an in-house lab testing with equipped laboratory, skilled & trained staff. Where we have the following facilities to carry out testing of incoming fabrics, trims & accessories which are followed as per International Standards i.e. AATCC and ISO European methods.

Physical Analysis of Fabrics and Trims Fabrics & Garment Dimensional (shrinkage and growth ) change test
Fabrics & Garments skewness (twisting ) test Rubbing fastness & Washing fastness
Verification of fabric weight ( GSM) Finished garments appearance test
Wearing test Analyse grammage of stiffener / inner card
Analyse nickel release Analyse fibre contents